Ocean Generation

Every second breath we take comes from the Ocean. More than 70 % of the Earth's surfaced is covered by the Ocean. Some of the most amazing creatures in the world, like the majestic blue whale, have the Ocean as their home. The Ocean is our planet. Still, despite the undeniable connection we all have to the Ocean, there has never been a time with more threats to it than now. This includes the exhausting exploitation of fish stocks, over 8 billion tonnes of plastic entering the sea every year and rising water temperatures due to unstoppable fossil fuel burning. We are running out of time! But with your help, we can still make it! The Workshops are FREE and have different versions adapted to children and young people aged 5 to 16 years-old. During this interactive presentation, you will have the opportunity to Discover the wonders of the Ocean and how it supports and is interconnected to all life on Earth.

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