Could you be the next health hero? Or a sustainability star? Maybe you’ll be a future explorer, discovering the latest technology.

Students can meet real life scientists and engineers as they talk about their careers, how they help change people’s lives and more. Ask questions, find out more and discover future careers.

Guess Who?

Get to know the person behind the job! Meet inspirational people working in STEM and guess who matches with each statement. Example statements are:

  • Who had no idea what they wanted to do when they were at school? Whose favourite subject was art?
  • Who plays piano? Who has worked in 7 different countries?

Challenge stereotypes about what skills are important in jobs in STEM, who does particular jobs, routes into careers and what jobs in STEM involve. In STEM, jobs are accessible to all, there is a job for whoever you are and they are for everyone.

Meet the panellists

Students can find ‘Guess Who?’ on the main stage twice a session each day. 

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Discover Your Skills

Paolo, Blue

Students can discover their STEM skills in our interactive careers activities area! Meet STEM students and professionals, and take part in 3 activities, designed around the key skills of listening, speaking, teamwork and problem solving.

  • Climate Debates: will students agree or disagree with the climate solutions proposed? Can their mind be changed after talking with our volunteers?
  • STEM Bingo: can students ask the right questions to hear the right word? Listen closely to get a line for Bingo!
  • Skills Path: what skills do these jobs need? Students have to match the top three skills with each STEM job description. What skills do they have that match with an engineer or technician?

By taking part students will gain skills stickers and build confidence in speaking to STEM professionals.