The Big Bang Competition 2024 winners

The Big Bang Competition judges were so impressed this year with the knowledge, passion, enthusiam, skill and creativity of this impressive group of young people.

Congratulations to all our amazing winners! 

Overall winners

UK Young Engineer of the Year 2024

Pacha Prichard, a student from, Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern has been crowned as the UK Young Engineer of the Year for her project Portable Pollution Monitor.

Pacha's amazing Portable Pollution Monitor assesses air quality in schools and residential areas and uses emojis to communicate pollution levels to the public.


UK Young Scientist of the Year 2024

Sarah Ansaf from has won the title of Big Bang UK Young Scientist of the Year for her project Drug Delivery Method & Dissolution Rate.

Sarah's analysis of pain relievers' dissolution rates and their absorption into the body really impressed our judges!

Sarah carried out extensive research and experiments to understand how the way you take medication affects the rate of absorption into the body. She found the drug delivery method with the fastest dissolution rate in water is effervescent/dispersible tablets.

UK Young Technologist of the Year 2024, supported by Siemens

Rakesh Vaddepalli, Benedict Dooley, Ciaran Scanlan, William Dang, Archit Chinnari and Ayush Shah, a team from The Blue Coat School, have won the first ever Big Bang UK Young Technologist of the Year, supported by Siemens for their project SOLAR.

The team's innovative design of solar panels tracks the sun's movement, and has the potential to revolutionise energy generation, boasting a 16% increase in efficiency over static models.


Core prize winners

Senior engineering category

Om Patel, a student from Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet, has won the senior engineering award in the finals of The Competition, for their project titled ‘Treatment of Sarcopenia in the Elderly'

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Sam Fricker from Matthew Arnold School, with the project 'AQUABlu'
  • Anthony Bartlett from Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet, with the project 'Robodog'

Senior science category

Catherine James and Tanisha Dalmia, students from at Reach Academy Feltham won the senior science award for their project 'Cyanobacteria in the Ionosphere'

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Caleb Curnow from Camborne Science and International Academy, for the project 'Colours Effect on Maths Performance'

  • Kael Robins-Beniest from Ysgol Dyffryn Aman for the project 'UTSWD architecture and environment'

Senior technology category

Joseph Birch, Finely Stirk, Arya Bhattacharya and Shenglun Hutton from King's College London Maths School have won the senior technology award, supported by Siemens in the finals of The Competition, for their project titled ‘AutoMate - The chess board for everyone'

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Mohammad Shahdin Bin Alim and Nizar Abdelhannane from Featherstone High School, with the project 'dotFlow: A Refreshable Braille Display'

  • Noah Cieslik from William Farr CofE Comprehensive School, with the project 'Growing Plants & Crops Efficiently'

Intermediate engineering category

Keon Robert, a student from Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet, has won the intermediate engineering awardfor the project titled 'Green Pot: Growing the future'.

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Lewis Barber and Roland Christopher from
    The King's (The Cathedral) School, with the project 'Check Dams to Combat Climate Change'

  • Chloe Francis, Evie Chorlton, Isha Sharrif, Kah Yan Cheow, Molly Jones and Stella Goodwin from Alleyne's Academy, with the project 'Waterwheel Paddle Investigation'

Intermediate science category

Becca Connolly from St Mary's College, Derry-Londonderry was awarded the winner’s prize in the intermediate science award for her project 'A wound dressing to indicate infection'.

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Laochra Hill and Ronan Scullion from St Colman's College - Newry, for the project ''Egg'citing way to treat phosphates'

  • Kisuni Kuruppuarachchi, Ruba El-Mugamar and Sarmanda Vrioni from Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School with the project 'The Last Drop'


Intermediate technology category

Akhilesh Karthikeyan from
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet won the
intermediate technology award, supported by Siemens
for his project 'Smart Food Storage Container'

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Dorothy Mba from Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College, with the project 'NeuroSynth'

  • Bors Farago from Simon Balle All-Through School with the project 'Project Q1'

Junior engineering category

Genevieve Brennan, Naimh Clarke, Sam Brown, Rosa Hodge, Jamie McShane, and Kevin McGuigan from St Aidan's High School
won the junior engineering award for their project titled 'A Theme Park for The Future'.

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Dulara Jayawardena from
    Brookvale Groby Learning Campus with the project 'A New Design to combat Coastal Flooding'

  • Jonathan Joseph from Wilson's School with the project 'Automatic Pen Writer'


Junior science category

Taliah Rothschild from Invicta Grammar School
won the junior science award for her project 'The Autistic Brain in Social Situations'

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Vihaan Sharma from Whitefield School, for the project 'Converting urine into fuels'

  • Niamh Price and Megan Joyce from Ralph Sadleir School, for the proejct 'How our eyes can change over time'

Junior technology category

Elisa Marsh-Lorenzo, Rafaella Fasham, and Lorna Skippen from Olchfa School have won the junior technology award, supported by Siemens  for their project 'Remake the Waste'.

Congratulations to the runners-up:

  • Betsy Ellis from Invicta Grammar School, for the project 'Accessible travel: is AI the future?'

  • Jemimah Greer and Phoebe Coles from Derby Moor Spencer Academy, for the project 'Cure.Ai (AI therapist)'


Place at 65th London International Youth Science Forum 2024

Awarded to Shivam Singh from Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet for the project 'Targeted Fire Suppression System'

Energy Institute

The Energy Institute Climate Change Award

Awarded to Albert Read from Wallington County Grammar School for the project 'Carbon CycleCapture'


The Intellectual Property Office Award for outstanding innovator

Awarded to Vivaan Singh Rajawat from St Bartholomew's School for the project 'Smart Water Efficient Home System'

Network Rail Logo 2

The Network Rail Innovation in Transport Award

Awarded to Aaditya Jhamb and Rocco Stefka from Wimbledon College, for the project 'AI-Enabled Traffic & Pollution Prediction,


The Special Award for Practical Science

Awarded to Gordon Taylor from Alleyne’s Academy


The Stantec Developing Future Communities Award

Awarded to Will Dally from Haberdashers' Adams, for the project 'Improved global refugee shelter design'


The Civil Aviation Authority Future in Aviation Award

Awarded to Betsy Ellis from Invicta Grammar School. for the project 'Accessible travel: is AI the future?'