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Big Bang at School Blueprint provides you with the resources, tools and guidance you need to bring the Big Bang to life in your school. Inspire and inform your students about all things STEM – all for free! Places are limited, so don't miss out, apply today.

Big Bang at School Blueprint brings together STEM resources linked to UK science, technology and engineering curricula and highlights future STEM careers. It also provides guidance on how to make the most of your Big Bang day, how to plan a programme of activities, how to apply for additional funding support, and how to celebrate student project work.

The Big Bang at School Blueprint includes:

  • Free hands-on resources to run with your students, linked to UK science curricula, including:
  • The Big Bang Challenge
  • Digital content that can be accessed during the event or on-demand
  • STEM careers inspiration and guidance on where young people can go next

Applications for Big Bang at School Blueprint are open! Apply below by 30 September.

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How it works

Use our materials to plan a Big Bang at School, with helpful guides on how to organise the event, a suggested schedule for the day and where to source external funding opportunities to support the day.

Every Big Bang at School should include the below to have the greatest impact for your students:   

  • Hands on practical content 
  • Skills activities 
  • Project-based learning 
  • Careers engagement 
  • Reflection opportunities 

Plus, complete our evaluation survey so that we can understand more about how the programme and improve it for future years.

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