Join in with Ocean Generation

Dive into the excitement at our stand with two amazing activities!

  • OceanGenerationTV: Get ready to become a star(fish) - Students can take their turn at our video booth!
    • Choose from Ocean props
    • Pick a fun question and record yourself as a TV presenter for OceanGenerationTV
    • Your video will be showcased alongside others on a big screen
  • Ocean Pollution Challenge: Time to get slimy! Students can dive into our eco-slime waters and hunt for hidden treasures.
    • Can they find the Ocean-friendly (and not friendly!) items in just 15 seconds?
    • Students can race against the clock and compete for a top spot on our leaderboard!

But wait - there's more! Students can explore our Ocean Academy videos, discover how teachers can join the adventure, uncover creative STEM careers linked to the Ocean and be inspired by real-life Ocean Heroes!

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