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Can your students engineer a bridge across our canyon? Their design must safely support our 'truck' using materials like blu-tack, paper clips, and lollypop sticks. Each item they use costs money and carbon and they must aim for a low-cost, low-carbon profile to win prizes.  

Are your students curious about what's hidden behind walls or under floors? They can explore these areas with our 3D scanning tool, revealing secrets of solid objects and construction. 

Do they have questions about future jobs? They can spin our interactive STEM Careers Wheel to discover future careers at National Highways and the education pathways to reach them. 

Do they wonder what the world of work includes? Students can step inside our Traffic Officer Vehicle to see the safety gear officers rely on while patrolling our roads. 

They can test their knowledge about litter's impact on the environment for a chance to play ‘Bin it to Win it’ - aim right to win awesome prizes!  

Are your students ready to take on these challenges and explore the world of engineering and environmental science? Just visit our National Highways stand to learn more!

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