Join in with the BBC

Did you know that the BBC is a tech company as well as a media organisation?   Making programmes for TV, online or audio is what the BBC is known for, but without thousands of people who work in STEM none of the BBC’s programmes, apps or websites would exist.

The BBC is home to Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians. They make our websites, like BBC Bitesize, or a part of making programmes that you can watch or listen to on TV, BBC iPlayer, radio or BBC Sounds.    

At our stand your students will meet some of our camera operators, coders and sound engineers and find out more about what they do and why STEM skills are vital at the BBC.

On our stand your students can: 

  • learn how to code a BBC webpage
  • work with our sound engineers to create a radio clip
  • test their camera operating or presenting skills in our TV studio
  • learn about some of the different STEM jobs at the BBC and how they can get into them   
  • Topics
  • Resources



  • Entertainment/sound and lighting
  • Electronics/robotics/programming

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