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Congratulations on taking The Big Bang Challenge!

Build a STEM project in easy step-by-steps with our inspiring project resource, for students aged 11 to 18, of all abilities.

You can do one Challenge or several, it's completely up to you! There are now 7 Big Bang Challenges to get stuck into:

  • On track to net zero?
  • Can we make our air fresh again?
  • Can robots and AI help humankind?
  • Eat your way to a healthier planet
  • Technology making a greener world
  • Game, set, match: transforming sport with STEM
  • Engineering for the extreme

Along the way, receive certificates and virtual badges to celebrate your progress and recognise amazing STEM skills.

Feel free to celebrate these skills whenever you wish! Did students overcome a challenge or solve a problem? Perhaps they came up with a great idea or solution?

Use our game board to track progress however suits you - colour it in or add stickers as you go, or write in your ideas or reflections to keep track of your STEM journey!

Celebrate success

In your challenge pack, you will find a game-board for young people to track progress through the challenge, plus certificates which can be handed out to celebrate the STEM skills they learn along the way.


Use our new leaderboard to see how many STEM superstars you have in your class. Colour it in, use stickers or anything else you like to keep tally of badges awarded. How many problem solvers, inventors, researchers or big thinkers are in your class or school?

Download the leaderboard

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