Big prizes for big thinkers

From climate change to improving transport and quality of life, The Big Bang Competition is all about thinking big and celebrating young people’s innovations and visions.

We’re incredibly excited to be working with companies and organisations from across industry to offer some brilliant new awards on a variety of issues.

The Energy Institute Climate Change Special Award will be awarded to a project designed to help bring about a lasting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as part of the UK’s goal of reaching net zero by 2050.

The Network Rail Innovation in Transport Award is looking for collaborative projects that have used innovative thinking in transport, focusing on creating and developing ideas to improve experiences of passengers.

The Royal Air Force Teamwork Award is all about exceptional teamworking skills throughout the project.

The Stantec Developing Future Communities Award will be awarded to a project that has shown how science and engineering can advance the quality of life in communities, from around the corner to across the globe.

Find out more and apply with your project!

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