Connie Gray, a year 9 student from Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, has won the title of UK Young Scientist of the Year thanks to her research comparing the structure of the features of birds from different climates and environments to each other. Her work aims to help with conservation efforts in areas of the world affected by climate change.

Connie has been awarded £2000 to continue her STEM journey. Congratulations Connie!

Meet the core prize winners for science

More prizes were awarded to some brilliant young people. They include:

Lucy Coleman, a year 13 student at Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College in Merseyside, is a double award winner and has won the senior science category. Her project ‘Working Healthy’ aimed to redesign the way in which people work from home with a unique design of a weather-proof open-air office. She also won the Intellectual Property Office award for outstanding innovator. 

Anastasia Herries, a year 11 student from St George’s School in Harpenden, has been awarded the winner’s prize in the intermediate science category. Her project titled ‘Essential Oils as Slug Repellents’ was designed to address the need for alternative and eco-friendly slug repellent.

Erin Carr, a year 8 student from Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone, has won the junior science category for her project titled ‘How the brain adapts to the loss of senses’. Erin’s aim was to investigate comparisons between using all senses and the loss of 1, with the hope of finding out how fast the brain adapts.

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