Join in with Nissan Technical Centre Europe

Join in with us at the Big Bang Fair and get stuck in with:

  • Car in a Suitcase
  • Display Screens (Presentations / Schemes)
  • Place to host materials and freebies
  • An Ariya sliced in half
Nissan Image 1
  • Topics
  • More information



  • Transport
  • Material/products/manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering/system processes



Core STEM Message
We embrace diversity as a management strategy in recognition of its crucial role in boosting corporate competitiveness. Nissan's social contribution activities share this awareness and are aimed at mitigating poverty, providing assistance to the financially and socially disadvantaged.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. To learn more about Nissan.
  2. To feel that Nissan are inclusive to people and the environment.
  3. Feel satisfied about the Company and comfortable towards their future.

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