Join in with National Grid

Greetings! Are you familiar with National Grid? At The Big Bang Fair, we will explore the fascinating world of electricity and its various applications through engaging demonstrations and activities.

Firstly, we have an exciting demo called "Wavey Man" where we will showcase the practical uses of electricity. Additionally, we will delve into the crucial roles of National Grid and its extensive network of cables. This will be demonstrated through a captivating display of interconnected cables, highlighting connects such as skin effect using wire wool and battery.

Next, we will conduct a demonstration involving a conductor and a bracelet, showcasing the properties of conductivity. This interactive activity will provide insights into how electricity flows through different materials.

Furthermore, we will introduce the innovative t-pylon design and discuss its significance in the energy transmission field. To emphasize the importance of teamwork, we have a fun activity called "Throw T-Pylons".

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