See your ideas at The Fair!

Been inspired by your day at The Big Bang Fair? Get students to use their creativity and passion for protecting the planet to help us do better. 

Reflecting on their day at The Big Bang Fair – ask students how much ‘greener’ it could be? Discuss it in class at school or home and let us know!  

We will consider all ideas and will choose ONE to implement at our next event.

Students will get to see their idea put into practice, and become a real-life engineer! 

What to do

Reflect on your day at The Big Bang Fair in class or at home, and come up with a list of ideas for how the event could be made as ‘green’ as possible. 

  • Could we have more water refill stations? How could we reduce our carbon footprint? Could power be generated in a different way? 
  • Think about what visitors could do, and what the event organisers could do, to reduce the environmental impact? 
  • Think about the pros and cons of each idea: How easy is it to do? How much impact could it have? Has it been tried before? How much would it cost? 

Select ONE idea from your list – discuss in class to choose the best idea! 

Need some inspiration? Check out Neon and discover lots of green resouces, case studies and ideas!

How to enter

Students should describe their idea in no more than 100 words or draw or build their idea and take a picture of it. 


Ideas will be reviewed by an expert panel and the winners will have their idea implemented at a future event, and get to ask questions with real-life planet saving scientists and engineers! 

Our entry form will open on Wednesday 22 June - we can't wait to see your ideas!

Entries will close on Friday 15th July 2022.  Read our terms and conditions for entry.

Good luck!

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