The Rail Consortium: The unseen future of rail

The Rail Consortium The Unseen Future Of Rail (Network Rail, HS2, IRO, RDG)

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What innovations could HS2 use to help protect habitats and wildlife when constructing a new railway? How can satellites help Network Rail to understand the opportunities for biodiversity on the railway across Britain? How can we use remote data to make air quality levels visible across the UK rail network? And what are the benefits of Class 230 trains which are bi-mode, diesel and battery operated?

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  • Georgie Barrat


  • Jamie Shaw


  • Neil Strong


  • Nick Edwards


  • Tom Parker


  • Clare Pugh


  • Jo Rathbone


  • Curriculum links
  • British Sign Language
  • No Audio Description*
  • Interactions and interdependencies
  • Chemical reactions
  • Energy
  • Earth and atmosphere
  • Atoms, elements and compounds
  • Design, Make, Evaluate
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*This video is someone talking and therefore has no audio description

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