MEET THE FUTURE YOU: Building a greener future

MTFU Panel

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Join Fayon Dixon for this 30-minute, interactive show, in which she will meet 5 STEM role models that all support the environment through their work and ask them all your questions about their career highlights, challenges, the route they took and the advice they have for young people wanting to pursue a career in STEM. This show will feature scientists, technicians and engineers from a diverse range of backgrounds, with different job roles and credentials including, an engineer creating cleaner ways to cook in developing countries as well as a scientist exploring animal behavior. Don’t forget to post your class’s questions in the Q&A box for your chance to have them answered live!

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  • Fayon Dixon


  • Alvaro Rojas-Zamora


  • Emma Ackerley


  • Celine Moreira


  • Michael Kelly


  • Ryan Hale


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  • British Sign Language
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  • Interactions and interdependencies
  • Genetics and evolution
  • Materials
  • Earth and atmosphere
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