Climate crisis? It’s time to make a difference!

IET BBD Session

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Make a difference to the planet! Join the IET to find out how we can all play our part! Join Ella Podmore, the IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year, to take a look at how engineers are helping to tackle some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. With opportunities for thought-provoking debate and fun quizzes, this session will get your students thinking about how they can make a difference and contribute to saving our planet. Help them get an insight into the exciting range of green careers in engineering and inspire them to find their own personal mission towards a more sustainable planet.

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  • Ella Podmore


  • Curriculum links
  • British Sign Language
  • Audio Description
  • Energy
  • Material cycles and energy
  • Design, Make, Evaluate
  • Interactions and interdependencies
  • Materials
  • Earth and atmosphere
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