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Highways England (Biodiversity Game)1

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Building and maintaining roads is at the heart what we do, however we recognise this impacts the environment. Our aim is to minimise this impact by protecting and enhancing the spaces we develop and delivering a legacy of healthier habitats and greater diversity alongside our roads. Highways England has created a calculator which establishes what the best options are to maximise biodiversity. This includes elements such as creating woodlands or investing in the local area. The calculation is very simple and considers things like the environment, heritage, location and condition of an area. Our session will start with a pre-recorded presentation, setting out, what biodiversity is, how we impact it, how we overcome it and the job roles that help us achieve this. This will be followed by a game; players will have to imagine that they are an ecologist, responsible for a patch of land. There are a range of options to choose (such as creating woodlands) to maximise the patch of land and negate the effects of road building. Use the biodiversity calculator to figure out which options are the best. Whoever achieves the highest score, in the quickest time wins!

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