Adventures in ecoscience

Stefan Gastronaut

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An explosive, demo-packed adventure in climate science with BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates and his long-suffering daughter Poppy. The show features mini-motorbikes, E-scooters, hybrid cars, edible water bottles, icebergs, live insects and 15,000 Orbeez. There’s loads of fun but also a huge amount of climate science education, with demos explaining photosynthesis, electrolysis, iceberg density, combustion, edible chemistry and greenhouse gases.

The Gastronaut team create world-class science shows that have headlined the Big Bang Fair for the last 9 years - they take complex science and make it relevant, easy to understand and very, very funny. This full-length TV show has been specially made for Big Bang Digital, and it's an adventure in eco-science driven by fascination, not fear.

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  • Stefan Gates


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  • Material cycles and energy
  • Interactions and interdependencies
  • Atoms, elements and compounds
  • Chemical reactions
  • Energetics
  • Earth and atmosphere
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